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Every professional has a set of tools at their disposal.

Every professional has a set of tools at their disposal.

Again: no bit of book writing software is going to write your book for your needs. If you’re looking for the second “shiny new toy” to assist you write your book, it might be an excuse in order to prevent doing the hard work of writing.

The majority of us learned simple tips to use computers by using Microsoft Word, or a program want it. Word gets the working job done. Sure, Scrivener is only a little better for books, but I wrote my first book on Word plus it’s fine.

I wrote a lengthy post on the good qualities and cons of employing Word to publish books—the main problem is that as your document grows, it gets to be more and more hard to make use of, whereas with Scrivener, it becomes easier—but the point is, if Word is exactly what you have got, don’t let that stop you from finishing your book.

As Jeff Elkins said in his article on Word, you want to be, it doesn’t matter what new writing software you invest in“If you aren’t already putting in the hard work to be the kind of writer. It is not likely to help.”

Cost: $69 / year from Amazon (includes Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, as well as other Microsoft software)

I like to get up and go for a walk when i’m writing for a long time. Sometimes, If only i really could continue writing while I walk. In other cases, I come up with a thought while I’m walking, type it up on my phone, and then like to easily move the thing I wrote to my laptop without the need to have the hassle of emailing it to and fro to myself.

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