Swasthavritta and Yoga

“swasthasya swasthyarakshnam Aturasya Vikarprashamanam”

To maintain health of a healthy person and to cure the disease of a diseased person is the aim of the Ayurveda.

Ayurveda is not only a system of medicine in the conventional sense of curing disease; it is a way of life which describes diet; behavior and rules and regulations that are beneficial for life. It gives a framework of ideal lifestyle. To achieve this Ayurveda has given first preference for maintenance of health.

Swasthvritta department deals with the total health or complete fitness; harmony at each level i.e. physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual of a human being.

Yoga is another important and basic concept of health explained in basic concept of health in vedic literature. It mainly aims at having balanced physical and mental activities.

Along with yoga and naturopathy; swasthvritta teaches the art of living.


  • To achieve total health comprising physical, mental, social and spiritual for the society.
  • To promote the concepts of yoga and naturopathy for health enhancement and disease prevention in student of Ayurveda.
  • To achieve harmony by uniting science of life and yogic science of self realization.


  • To emphasize and to achieve positive health for the society.
  • To protect the community by guiding them in preventive health practices like daily regimen, seasonal regimen, diet regimen, social conduct,ethical conduct, attainment of self realization.

Assistant Professor of Swasthavritta & Yoga.
Dr. Rajat Chaturvedi