Samhita Siddhanta

“Ayurveda is an ancient science of Indigenous medicine, it is special in respect that it is not only a medical science but an Art of Living in Human being.”

This is the first and the most important Department of Ayurveda, Also known as Basic principles.This department is concerned with basic principles of Ayurveda which are described in classical texts i.e. Ayurved samhitas. Samhitas are in Sanskrit language which is a divine language, hence to understand the samhita in their true meanings Sanskrit is also taught by this department along with samhitas ( classical texts) in detail.
• To Systematize Ayurvedic knowledge to suit international standards
• Scientific exploration of ancient classical texts.
• To prove the applicability of ancient texts & basic principles in this modern era.
• To unfold the secrets of life and make society healthy & happy.
Ayurveda originated as of vedic sciences. All original texts of Ayurveda were science in sanskrit so, the knowledge of sanskrit language is compulsory to learn Ayurveda.
History of Ayurveda and Padarth Vidnyan
Glorious history of Ayurveda with progressive development in various branches of Ayurveda are well explained in this subject. Every element in this universe consists of five basic elements named as panchamahabhutas ( Earth, water, fire, wind and space). Likewise Human body also consists of panchamahabhutas. Understanding human body with concept of soul and mind, Universe, their inter relationship, principles of treatment is the aim of this subject.
Ashtang Hridayam
Excellent classical text by Acharya Vagbhata which gives the basic information of Ayurvedic principle.
Charak Samhita Purvardha
Classical text by acharya charaka. introductory & basic principles of ayurved are given in this part of ayurveda are samhita.
Charak Samhita Uttarardha
Most application part of charak samhita. knowledge of various diseases their complications and how to avoid complications & their management very precisely given by acharya charaka.
All the popular samhita like “Charak Samhita” “Sushrut Samhita” & “Ashtang Hridiyam” all 3 samhitas collectively known as great triads are also thought in this department.
This department is related with all three academic years of B.A.M.S. All subjects are very important & interesting that unfolds secrets of our life spirit & of the material world the knowledge of pramana improves the intelligence and common sense, the knowledge of samhita & basic principle are most useful to all students and teachers for the enlightening of their intelligence.

H.O.D of Samhita Siddhanta.
Dr. Samit Lalpratap Bisen