Director Message

The above Gayatri Mantra is the Motto and inspiration of my life being attached to Gayatri Pariwar I have always been fascinated by the Richness of Ayurvedic system of Medicine. Ayurveda is the greatest gift of ancient sages to India it is oldest scientific, documented, codified science in the world so I had a dream to established Ayurvedic college for quality teaching and clinical training. So, we along with Dr. Sunil Kumar Mittal, MBBS, MD (Radio Diagnostic) who is also son have started the college in 2003. Since establishment the college has reserved the faith him traditional system of medicine of country and continue to serve society by providing quality medical education & health care.

The college who now offring P.G. Degree courses in 05 subjects along with 100 seats in BAMS. The college has organized various seminar, quiz, health camp & Yoga Camp in the last year with development and expansion of various department

I warmly welcome all those who are going to be associated with this great institution and become a part of moment toward achieving excellence field of Ayurveda.

Er. J.D. Mittal


Er. J.D. Mittal