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If you are new to the world of boxing, I will tell you that this game doesn’t have anything to do with actual boxes. It’s basically a combat sport comprising two opponents throwing punches at each other for a set amount of time and a set variety of rounds, occurring in an enclosed space known as a boxing ring.

A boxing match is obtained when a fighter knocks their opponent or from the decision of a judge when the battle succeeds to go through the whole duration. A fight can be won as soon as an opponent decides to not keep on fighting when they’re disqualified.

Fighters typically wear protective glovesnonetheless, they’re more for shielding the fighter’s hands rather than protecting the human body and face of their opponents.

In earlier times fighters fought without gloves, known as boxing. The duration of a boxing match depends upon a small number of variables. Rounds are 3 minutes in length and up to 12 rounds per fight If it comes to boxing. Between rounds, boxers receive a one minute break to recuperate, rest and speak with their trainers before another round start. There is A boxing game scored by three judges on a 10 point system.

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